BusyCal 3 for Mac Release Notes

BusyCal 3.1.5
February 2, 2017

  • Improved handling of iCloud login errors
  • Minor bug fixes

BusyCal 3.1.4
January 19, 2017

  • Added support for Google AppAuth
  • Improved on-boarding process for adding new accounts
  • Improved Keychain cleanup during a reset
  • Improved performance of attendee lookups for large databases
  • Fixed attendee lookups not showing all results
  • Fixed pasting email addresses into Attendee field
  • Fixed progress spinners not updating in source list
  • Fixed Location picker not dismissing sometimes
  • Fixed Insert Date & Time command in floating info window
  • Fixed hang when closing info window after editing a repeating event
  • Fixed bug when pasting text into menu bar quick entry field
  • Fixed bug editing an event with an attachment on OS X Server
  • Fixed potential crash when rapidly paging

BusyCal 3.1.3
December 9, 2016

  • Fixed Exchange attendee directory lookup
  • Fixed attendee invite notifications not getting sent in some cases
  • Fixed issue when canceling last instance of a repeating meeting on Exchange
  • Fixed dialog not displaying when deleting a meeting request
  • Added support for looking up Exchange attendees by last name
  • Extended width of attendee auto-complete list
  • Improved handling of attendee and contact names with unicode characters
  • Improved attendee lookup performance
  • Fixed issue when pasting selected text from Notes field into other apps
  • Fixed menu bar truncation of To Dos with long titles
  • Fixed snooze alarm description clipping
  • Fixed Calendar List font preference not sticking
  • Fixed crash when collapsing/expanding Calendar Group in source list
  • Fixed crash when choosing Other starting location for Travel Time
  • Fixed crash when pasting title text inline in Week view
  • Retain text editing settings in Notes field between sessions
  • Use standard bullet character and default font for Date & Time stamp in Notes field
  • Commit edits to Notes field when clicking Availability Viewer
  • Quick Entry preview enhancements

BusyCal 3.1.2
November 8, 2016

  • Quick-Entry NLP improvements
  • Improved Attendee and Contact auto-complete results
  • Pasting text from notes field into other apps pastes as plain text
  • Fixed menu bar quick entry preview redraw issue
  • Fixed bug that caused selected event to get deselected after a sync
  • Fixed various source list UI bugs
  • Fixed crash related to unsubscribed calendars in source list
  • Fixed Exchange detached meeting exception sync bug
  • Fixed Exchange inbox notifications for repeating events with multiple attendees
  • Fixed Exchange syncing memory leak
  • Fixed cursor positioning when editing location field
  • Fixed info panel alignment of custom repeat and alarm descriptions
  • Fixed location editing for recurring events
  • Fixed various location picker bugs
  • Fixed location field navigation via Up Arrow key
  • Fixed floating info window notes field navigation via Command-Left/Right Arrow

BusyCal 3.1.1
October 14, 2016

  • Quick-Entry field displays a preview of the results while you type
  • Quick-Entry field displays interactive Attendee and Location pickers
  • Added mass transit support to Travel Time (along with existing driving and walking times)
  • Improved 24-hour time entry in Info Panel
  • Fixed bug deleting an instance or a repeating meeting on Exchange
  • Fixed bug when printing long To Do Lists
  • Fixed bug that prevented un-sharing an iCloud calendar
  • Fixed bug that prevented setting a past due To Do as due today
  • Fixed bug with floating Info Window Notes field line wrapping
  • Fixed bug with floating Info Window keyboard tab order
  • Fixed Info Panel popup menu tracking on Sierra
  • Fixed Month View cell scrolling on Sierra
  • Fixed Source List tracking on Sierra
  • Fixed bug that caused Filter bar to appear blank after launch on Sierra
  • Fixed black background when editing calendar name in source list on Sierra
  • Fixed Graphics Panel window scrolling on Sierra
  • No longer showing event time zones in Month view (to save space)
  • Fixed crash that could occur when adding attendees with arrow keys

BusyCal 3.0.6
September 12, 2016

  • Updated for Sierra compatibility
  • Added menu command for choosing travel time starting location
  • Added option to display second time zone column in Week View
  • Added time zone display in calendar view if event is in different time zone
  • Added option for Attendees to send comments when replying to meeting requests (on Exchange and OS X Server)
  • Added option for Organizer to send comments when deleting/canceling an Exchange meeting
  • Added a prompt when deleting a meeting
  • Added Email All Participants command to event contextual menu
  • Added photos to Inbox for meeting requests/replies and change notifications
  • Added preference setting for confirming deletes
  • Added ability to click URLs in Location field
  • Added Show Only This Calendar contextual menu when right-clicking a calendar in sidebar
  • Fixed bug that caused time zones to always appear on Exchange events
  • Fixed bug that could prevent Send Update button from appearing for Exchange users
  • Fixed map/location compatibility with Apple Calendar
  • Fixed tiling issue in Week view
  • Fixed time editing issue when using 24-hour time format
  • Fixed crash when adding custom alarm before committing title change
  • Fixed bug that could cause To Do titles to change when completing a To Do while editing its title
  • Fixed crash when switching views while editing Undated To Do in Info Panel
  • Fixed bug that would cause new or retitled To Dos to scroll out of view
  • Removed manual sub-sorting of To Dos
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

BusyCal 3.0.5
July 28, 2016

  • Added support for 2-digit year entry in Info Panel
  • Improved AM/PM inference when entering times in Info Panel
  • Fixed duration popup from remaining visible after clicking on it
  • Added support for pasting comma and line separated attendees into attendee field
  • Added support for pasting graphics into Notes field
  • Added support for dragging from Graphics Panel to Image Well in Info Panel
  • Added support for Notes field text displaying in same font as Events
  • Display My alarms field for events on Birthdays and Anniversaries calendars
  • Floating Info Window remains within BusyCal layer when switching apps
  • Added completed date field for To Dos in Info Panel
  • Added To Do List date range option for In Calendar Range
  • Added manual sub-sorting to To Do List
  • Fixed bug when changing time zone of a Timed To Do
  • Added Show Notes in Day and Week view Appearance preference
  • Added Work Hours preference
  • Added calendar color background to alarms in Alarm Window
  • Double-clicking an alarm shows event in calendar without going into edit mode
  • Fixed notification inbox width from changing
  • Fixed Printing bug to match onscreen date range
  • Previous selection is cleared when option-dragging an event to duplicate it
  • Fixed crash when entering nil alarm date
  • Fixed alignment of Title field

BusyCal 3.0.4
July 20, 2016

  • Added incremental scroll arrows to navigation buttons
  • Added support for travel time on Exchange calendars
  • Pending title edits made in calendar are preserved when clicking in Info Panel
  • Improved time editing in Info Panel - delimiters between hour and minute are optional, 24-hour time entry supported
  • Added support for looking up Locations in Contacts.app
  • Added support for selecting matching location by clicking
  • Map is immediately displayed when selecting a location
  • Info Panel date picker start of week matches Preferences
  • Darkened text in floating info window Notes field
  • My alarm field will only show if enabled in Info Panel Preferences
  • Current date is displayed with blue background in mini-month
  • Improved To Do editing
  • Repair malformed Undated To Dos that contain recurrence rules
  • Improved option-drag for duplicating events
  • Improved tiling of short duration events in Week view
  • Fixed font clipping in Week View with certain fonts
  • Selected date is applied to events created via NLP
  • Default duration is applied to events created via NLP
  • Display prompt to re-enter password if Google OAuth token has changed
  • Backups are stored to Container if permission denied for custom location
  • Made search mode (find vs. filter) sticky
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs and crashes
  • Fixed bug that would cause edited events to disappear if both BusyCal 2 and BusyCal 3 are installed
  • Fixed bug that would cause the wrong month header to appear
  • Fixed bug that would cause a hang when typing in location field

BusyCal 3.0.3
July 1, 2016

  • Fixes premature 30-day trial expiration

BusyCal 3.0.2
June 30, 2016

  • Fixes Exchange Push notifications
  • Fixes corrupted view and smart filter preferences
  • Fixes random behavior when both BusyCal 2 and BusyCal 3 are installed
  • Fixes repeating banner redraw issues when scrolling
  • Fixes hidden contact tiles
  • Fixes text substitution in Notes field
  • Fixes My notes on read-only events
  • Fixes crash in Year view search results
  • Fixes crash in search list when results include event with nil title
  • Fixes crash when entering quotes in Quick Entry field
  • Adds prev/next incremental scrolling options to View menu

BusyCal 3.0.1
June 24, 2016

  • Fixes Info Panel crash for events with nil attributes
  • Fixes Persistent Store Migration error when upgrading old databases
  • Fixes crash from corrupted prefs
  • Fixes crash from malformed file attachment URLs
  • Fixes crash from double-cancel dialog after viewing repeating event that has undergone text substitution in notes
  • Fixes travel time starting location calculation
  • My alarms can be added to read-only events
  • Correct trigger time is displayed for absolute alarms
  • Copying attendee tiles copies attendee email addresses

BusyCal 3.0
June 22, 2016

  • Initial Release